A Design AwardsA Design Awards

Added conspicuous international design prizes:

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Architectural PrizeBathroom PrizeDisegno Prize
Excellence PrizeStreet Furniture PrizeIndustrial Prize
Hi Technology PrizeJunior PrizePackage Prize
Portfolioe PrizeProfessional PrizeArtist Prize
Metaawards PrizeArchitectural PrizeCommunity and Social Prize
Package PrizeManufacturing Technology PrizeFashion Prize
Fashion Clothing PrizeAchievements PrizeTextile Prize
Interior Furniture PrizeAdvertising PrizeAdvanced Prize
Literature PrizeMagnificient PrizeGood Prize
Accomplished PrizeHighlighting PrizeMasters' Prize
Top Designer PrizeTop Notch Design PrizeArts Equipment Prize
Corporate Plans PrizeResidency PrizeWorkshop and Warehouse Prize
Car PrizePet Products PrizeSummits Prize
Black Goods PrizeAlmanacs PrizeArtists Books Prize
Paramount PrizeFuturistic PrizeEngineering Prize

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